What are the Key Elements?

Data Capture

Emails, website forms, online chats, even calls – there are more ways than ever potential clients can get in touch with you. With this barrage of messages in multiple formats, without a dedicated system to capture leads and other data, an organization can misplace data or manage intake inefficiently. CRMs lay out a user-friendly way to capture data.

Lead Distribution

Flexibility is the key; with a CRM, incoming leads can be distributed as you see fit. Round-robin, first-come, first-serve, single-user, even sticky leads (where any new data with matching name, email or phone number is automatically assigned to the first person on the case) are all possibilities.

Lead and Contact Management

There’s no point in scrolling through an Excel sheet or, worse, trying to find something in a paper file when your entire patient and partner rosters are available instantly. CRMs allow you to set follow-up appointments automatically, to measure touches and patient information, and to manage events with partners and non-patient consumers.

Employee Efficiency and Accountability

CRMs can also serve as a way for management to monitor Admissions and Outreach employee efficiency. How many calls has your Outreach rep made to your biggest referent this month? How often does your Intake or Admissions team successfully run a verification of benefits? Is your Utilization Review department finding the best solutions for your patients and your business? You can watch all this and more.

Marketing ROI Reporting

By comparing marketing spends with admissions rates, you can clearly map out your return on investment analysis. Every CRM contains reporting suites which not only outline user efficiencies but include the ability to build reports and dashboards to give you real-time analysis of where your marketing money is working and where it’s not.

Campaign Management

You can automatically set email blasts, text blasts, outbound call campaigns and more through proper CRM design, saving time for your business development and Outreach teams. Likewise, your events and special occasions can be coordinated and relayed to your stakeholders.

Benefits of having a CRM System

Comprehensive Reporting

CRMS are by design flexible in terms of data points captured, and this means flexibility to put your focus on your organization’s specific needs. By combining spending data, income data, conversion data and many others, your management and analysis team have an almost unlimited capacity to make wise, empirical business decisions.

Increased Operational Efficiency

CRMs can make scheduling and outreach operations easy – click, set, and forget. Sales and B2B agents can be overwhelmed when left to their own devices. Lead assignments and coordinate campaigns let them focus on making connections rather than scheduling.

Comprehensive Historical Data

CRMs also serve as a full database of all your historical data, allowing you to make month-to-month, year-to-year, and similar comparisons with quickness and ease. The system can also handle patient demographics, insurance info and more in a HIPAA-approved setting. They can likewise be linked with your EMR to streamline patient information transfers.

Automates Marketing

Allowing your team to focus on the message and personal relationships rather than daily minutiae, a good CRM such as Salesforce can automate your ongoing campaigns via email, snail mail, texts and more. As a bonus, each campaign can be analyzed in real time and afterwards to make sure your efforts are efficient.

Improves Your Relationships

CRMs allow a wealth of personal and business information to be accessed at the click of a button, allowing your B2B team and patient-facing staff to give the real personal touch and improve your business and patient relationships.

1-to-1 Patient Journeys

The CRMs allows you to manage your patients’ journey from the first step to the last. From prospect acquisition, to coordination of care, to in-house management to aftercare and follow-up, a CRM lets the healers at your organization do their jobs – healing.

The Best Options For You..

There are several different software options available, at all price points. Healthcare Marketing Consultants specialize in the Salesforce platform but are well versed in Zoho, Google Contacts, and many others. The healthcare industry is getting more and more complex; let Healthcare MC simplify the infrastructure for you with a professional CRM, so you can focus on your mission.

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