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A big challenge faced by hospitals across the US in is improving visibility in a highly overcrowded marketplace. You have to have a voice that is heard above the noise.

Introduction to Call Management Systems

The clearest advantage to a modern call tracking system is its detailed tracking systems. Through focused set-up efforts, you can pinpoint the length, location, agent taking the call and marketing source for each incoming and outgoing call. With a system like this you can:

  • Set up tracking source names to see with great detail where your calls are coming from
  • Track and listen to each call coming in or out of the system
  • See which employee is taking each call and monitor their effectiveness
  • Disposition each all for quality and viability
  • Pinpoint your marketing spend ROI by tracking conversions by tracking source

Through this kind of detailed tracking system, organizations can get very granular in making marketing and personnel decisions. Tracking source A isn’t converting? You can reduce the spend. Tracking source B trending upward? You can increase it. This works for admissions personnel as well. By incorporating queueing systems and call weighting, you can make sure more calls and the best calls are going to your top producers.

As compared to a more traditional land-line and cell phone system (both of which can be incorporated into the call management system), a digital call management system allows the management to monitor, analyze, and provide command-and-control in real time with far greater detail than before. Some advantages of a virtual call center include:

  • Portability – CMS can be used on any computer or phone with an internet connection
  • Reduced costs- the CMS is less hardware and installation-dependent than a traditional system and do not require the fees and costs involved with land lines or cell phones
  • Real-time tracking – team leaders and management can watch and intervene on calls as they are happening
  • Built in reporting and tracking – allows you to view all data or specific data, for all calls, all-time, or by using filters to track specific data points
  • Dedicated support – teams are less overwhelmed and more available than those from major phone providers
  • Integration with CRMs – reduce data entry and streamline the lead process by integrating your systems

In Conclusion

As time goes on call management systems begin to produce even more results. After six months you’ll have enough data to examine effectiveness of personnel and marketing spends. After a year you’ll have a deep and widespread database of callers and contacts. And after that, you’ll have a full point-of-sale machine with interlocking parts which all work to provide you with not only an easier system to use, but unparalleled database and reporting systems.

Healthcare Marketing Consultants is happy to lead the field in providing full-service call management system solutions in the healthcare and behavioral health fields. A call management system can revolutionize your admissions department. Please call or click today for a free consultation.

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