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Technology and Your Online Presence.

In the 21st century, the importance of your presence online cannot be overstated. Even more so than television, radio, or print advertisements, potential clients look at your website to get their first impressions. And you only have the time it takes to make a quick cursory scan to make that impression. Average visit times are normally measures in minutes or even seconds, so your site needs to be eye-catching and easy to navigate. A simple factor such as a broken link or a slow loading time can turn off a potential client, as well.

Technology and Modern Marketing

Marketing has changed, and the engine of that change is the internet. In a world where nearly everyone carries a powerful internet-connected computer (their phone) with them twenty-four hours a day, digital, technology-based marketing techniques can tap into an essentially limitless pool of potential clients. Healthcare Marketing Consultants can help you drive more people to your sites and generate more leads through our well-honed programs. We’ll employ white label sites and dedicated landing pages to push generic searches to your specific programs. And we can get your message to exponentially more people through world-class SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) techniques – reaching people who didn’t even know they were interested in your services.

Technology and Business Efficiency

Technology is all about making operations smoother, quicker and less labor-intensive. Using the power of cloud technology can free your employees and marketing experts to focus on building client relationships, creative marketing and direct client service without having to spend time on paperwork and filing. A virtual call center and CRM such as Salesforce can handle tens of thousands of detailed leads monthly, with complete contact and demographic information fed directly to your intake team or admissions staff. On the back end, modern CRMs allow complete trackability of data from incoming leads to marketing spends, providing the ability to produce detailed and up-to-the-minute reports and dashboards. The old system of “voodoo reporting” is a thing of the past – this technology gives you the power to know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

Technology and Content Platforms

Judicious use of digital marketing techniques will get your message to the widest possible audience, merging traditional techniques such as snail mail campaigns and outbound calling with modern campaign management. A multi-pronged strategy includes automated email and text campaigns, set to your preferred timing and spending caps, as well as various web and SEO traffic maximization techniques to reach potential clients you would never have reached before. And better still, you can retain your existing clients and partners using similar techniques, automated at your convenience. It’s all about getting your name into people’s heads, and keeping it there.

Technology and Reputation Management

These days, “word of mouth” more and more means “word on the internet.” People talk on Yelp and other review sites, and that makes it paramount that your reputation management is top-of-the-line and cutting edge. Along with your social media efforts, reputation management can remove, contest, and extinguish false or overly negative reviews while promoting the many positive ones. Healthcare Marketing Consultants applies the attention to detail and tech savvy to make sure your image online stays as positive as it should be.

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