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Optimizing your social presence has significant benefits to developing and growing your patient and prospect community. Once your accounts are created, we can start to accumulate followers and before long, you’ll have an expanded audience that’s been grown in a completely organic way. Marketing via social media is essentially the digital equivalent of traditional word-of-mouth advertising and has merits that hospitals shouldn't ignore.

About Marketing With Social Media

Social media networks are extremely effective channels for marketing your hospital to your target audience. That’s why optimizing your social media presence is crucial to ensure you get maximum visibility and a healthy conversion rate on any inquiries you get via the networks. While Facebook and Twitter might seem trite to many medical professionals, there are significant advantages in maintaining a good social presence, perhaps most importantly as a mechanism to get new patients through the door.

Social media is now an accepted channel for promotion and lead generation in business and yet many healthcare providers still question its value. Although navigating online society may seem daunting and pointless, there are significant advantages that highlight the importance of a strong social media presence for hospitals today.

Strengthen Patient Communication

When you consider the volume of people interacting and ‘socializing’ online via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it makes sense to penetrate this inner circle of your target audience.

These social platforms are perfect for communicating with existing and future patients at eye-level and in a relaxed and informal environment. This can be a tremendous help in establishing your hospital as the go-to for healthcare in your area and allows you to build strong relationships founded on trust.

As evidenced by the 2016 Presidential elections, social media is a hugely influential tool for most Americans. Research shows that up to 90% of millennial’s trust the medical information they have shared with them on social media. Sadly, as you know this is not always a great thing which is why it’s even more important to have an established and high-profile social media presence so that you can be the voice of authority in amongst the hearsay.

By engaging with your patients both inside and outside your hospital, you create a transparent environment that engenders trust between both parties. It also provides the perfect platform to set your hospital apart from the competition.

Educate Your Patients

Social networks are invaluable for preventing misconceptions, promoting new treatments and educating your audience with the content we generate and share on your behalf. With the noise created by inaccurate articles and scaremongering blogs on social media, we create content that provides the facts. Because we’re constantly involved in social interaction, we can see what medical issues are trending and post relevant content in a timely manner for maximum optimization.

We also use networks like Facebook to showcase the quality of your care through patient interaction. We encourage your patients to post testimonials and reviews on your page to showcase your bedside manner and attract a following that’s more likely to convert to patients.

Patient testimonials are excellent mechanisms to garner new patients as they allow others to hear about the merits of your hospital from someone just like themselves. It personalizes and humanizes what otherwise is naturally a very clinical facility and gives existing and future patients a true sense of connection with your hospital.

Raise Brand Awareness

Your hospital is a brand that you want people to recognize and a good social media presence is a great way to spread the word about where you are and what you offer to a wide audience. The main way we establish your brand is by conveying a consistent message that best reflects your hospital’s principal attributes.

We do this by creating the right kind of content that responds to the changing landscape in the healthcare sector. Social media platforms are all about what’s happening now and when people want answers to questions, they’re no longer prepared to hang around while a compelling piece is labored over to answer their queries.

We always use good images when posting on social media and ensure your hospital’s logo and contact details are clearly visible on each of them. That means you have extra exposure if your content is ’liked’ or shared that can potentially convert to new patients. It also presents a more consistent and cohesive brand identity that your audience will become more familiar with over time until they have complete brand recognition.

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