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SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes a few months to begin to get traction and see the results that will change your hospital's internet renown for the better. Anyone promising you something that is too good to be true is probably using ‘Black Hat SEO’ and Google is not above imposing huge penalties on any shady techniques used to boost search rankings. For that reason, the SEO emphasis is very much on the quality of work, the design of your site, and the value of the content you produce.

What Exactly Is SEO?

This is the process by which your website is enhanced to improve its visibility to search engines like Google and Bing so that it achieves the highest ranking possible on the first results page. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to improve its user experience and reduce exploitation, and this consequently changes the face of good SEO practice on a near monthly basis. Without an expert team staying up with current best practices and constantly tweaking your site for the best results possible, you’re in trouble. It would be like trusting a surgeon to work on you who hasn’t been actively increasing his knowledge and perfecting his skill since he left medical school.

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Your Hospital?

Good SEO affords you a truly cost-effective way of reaching prospective patients and driving new ‘business’ to your hospital. Around 77% of patients make treatment comparisons online through search queries before booking an appointment and you want to capitalize on these searches.

SEO effectively gives you a big voice on the infinitely huge platform that is the internet, and that increases your authority in the healthcare sector while bringing new patients to your hospital. You can also lock your target in by location with SEO by using targeted location phrases like ‘Washington cardiology unit’ to filter your audience even more.

Content and SEO

You can become an authority and leader in the healthcare sector by creating unique and intriguing content. Creating blogs, videos, case studies, patient testimonials, physician profiles as well as the latest medical news will ensure that your website is engaging enough for a user to convert to a patient.

This also appeals to Google as it clearly identifies your hospital and the services you provide, making it more likely to be ranked highly. As most doctors know, symptoms and medical conditions are by far the most searched for topics and it’s often detrimental to physician-patient relations. You can use your high-profile SEO content to combat this and educate your audience from your perspective as healthcare professionals.

Use SEO to Generate Leads

For many hospitals, the principal objective of SEO is to attract new patients. We can help you do this by focusing your website’s keywords and phrases across the healthcare spectrum on casting your net wide over the demographic you want to target.

We’ll make sure you setup, design and backend all are optimized for attracting new potential clients. This is the most effective way to generate new patient leads organically through your website and represents a good marketing ROI.

Make It Responsive!

If your website doesn’t scale to the screen size of the device it’s being viewed with, it’s obsolete and Google will look at it negatively. That’s because the majority of people access the Internet from handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Your website has to be clearly visible and easy to navigate no matter what it’s being viewed on to be truly responsive.

Around 44% of people with smartphones make appointments after locating a hospital online which illustrates how important it is that you have a responsive website that’s user-friendly. Google now incorporates mobile responsiveness into its ranking criteria, making this an issue that can’t be ignored.

Create the Right Content on your Physician and Service Pages

When improving a hospital’s website content, it helps to put yourself in the patient’s shoes. If you have profiles of your physicians on your website, ask yourself what kind of information you would want to see to persuade you to book an appointment?

The kind of information like key points about each physician including education, specialties, office address and a profile picture. If they have had research published, we can feature this kind of information together with more personal snippets like hobbies and pastimes to ‘humanize’ them.

People who work in the healthcare sector are vocational and have a passion for what they do. To generate the kind of content that is the most effective SEO for your hospital’s website, we embody that passion into our writing. By being experts in our field and conveying that with what we publish to enhance your online presence, we’ll attract new patients organically for you through your website’s SEO.

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