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Fake reviews are possibly the most infuriating issue facing your online reputation management. Back in 2015, the New York state attorney general’s office fined 19 companies more than $350,000 for offering to create fake reviews in order to manipulate sites such as Yelp and Google. This is a huge problem for the healthcare sector and to illustrate the point that fake reviews appear more frequently for hospitals and healthcare organizations that in any other sector of business with an online presence.

Getting Started With Reputation Managment

All the stats and research tell you that your online reputation is critical to the successful and profitable operation of your hospital. According to UK-based internet market research firm YouGov, a staggering 92% of people said negative information online would impact their perception and 82% trust the rankings on the first pages of search engine results.

With our bespoke Reputation Management software, you can defend your reputation across all online channels where a potential breach exists. Your hospital also benefits from increased awareness because of our software’s SEO integration and the functionality to consistently boost positive promotion. Ultimately, if your online reputation is effectively managed, your continued good-standing is likely to translate into more patients.

How We Maintain an Impeccable Online Reputation for Your Hospital

It’s an unfortunate reality that your hospital is being judged by search results, but you can take significant strides to manage your reputation online with the right software. We develop solutions using leading technology to prevent critical articles, misleading reviews and out-dated news ruining your online reputation. We put systems in place and track your hospital’s patient follow-up processes to ensure a positive and true reflection of your hospital is preserved online.

Tailored systems for hospital reputation management allow us to monitor any content that is negative, inaccurate or reviews that are biased, unfair or simply outrageous. This includes all your social media pages and any rants on blogs or via news outlets where patients may be bringing down your reputation without cause. We do this through the content creation and through thorough follow up with satisfied patients. Unsatisfied customers are 10 times more likely to write a negative review than a happy customer is likely to write a positive review on their own, so we make sure the satisfied customers are properly followed up with and put systems in place to ensure the likelihood of more positive reviews.

Our reputation management systems protect the trust-based relationships you’ve worked hard to build with your patients. The overabundance of positive reviews will push down any negative reviews, content, and imagery so that when people are searching for your services, the results pages aren’t full of inaccuracies and defamatory remarks about your hospital.

We create and nurture a positive online identity for your hospital by managing your search results, while also ensuring that Autocomplete suggestions on search engines are positively influenced. We provide you with defense against libel and defamation and protection from smear campaigns and unfair complaints. It’s absolutely crucial to be vigilant with your online relationship management bearing in mind the size of the internet as a platform for anyone’s voice to be heard.

We Protect Your Hospital's Reputation in Social Media

Social networks provide the perfect platform for people to express their views and opinions whether or not they are based on fact. Such is our reliance on social media that it’s an integral aspect of day-to-day life for many people. The issue is that in the largely unregulated online environment, Freedom of Speech is taken literally and consequently unbridled rants about mistreatment at a hospital and unnecessarily harsh or negative reviews are commonplace.

In the absence of any form of ‘policing’ or regulated protection against slurs on your hospital’s reputation, it’s crucial that you have the right processes in place to afford you the best defense against negative and often detrimental misinformation. Monitoring your social media channels is a full-time job through which we can streamline the technical processes we have integrated with our Reputation Management Software.

We are able to monitor social media sites and open healthcare forums and scan for mentions of your hospital and alert you by email as soon as an instance is identified. The first rule of effective relationship management is to be proactive and responsive in a timely manner.

We use techniques to elicit the best reviews, engagement, and communication with your patients and then boost them with SEO so that your best side is always the first on the show. Through encouraging positive engagement between your hospital and its patients and filtering negative influences as they emerge online, we allow you to take control of your reputation and build a force field around it.

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