What Do We Offer?

Our marketing automation software presents several opportunities for you to effortlessly become more proactive and responsive to the needs and requirements of your existing and prospective patients. If you imagine the amount of paperwork your hospital generates for both marketing and administration, it’s easy to see how automating many of those processes makes sound financial sense. We are also increasingly operating in an environment where consumers expect consistent communication, particularly from their healthcare provider. There are so many facets of our automated marketing systems and all the benefits to your hospital are measurable.

What Are the Benefits for Your Hospital?

Personalizing your hospital’s marketing campaigns based on individual patient’s needs enables us to communicate effectively based on specific patient information like location, age, medical history, appointment dates and reach out through email and even text messaging and voicemail.

Our automated marketing systems are set up to mirror completely your hospital’s internal organization in terms of framework and infrastructure. By linking your automated processes with all the many different medical tasks performed and admissions made on a daily basis in your hospital, we streamline all the paperwork so that you can focus on your day jobs.

Key Features and Functions of Custom Marketing Automation

1. We automate your messaging for prospective patients that have shown interest in your hospital and get them involved with explanations of services which are easy to access and use. We also provide you with real-time alerts to both physicians and patients based on pre-set parameters, saving delays in appointment schedules or conveying last-minute changes to bookings already made. This allows you flexibility at times when your staff has a particularly heavy workload by having open lines of communication that operate on real-time.

2. Patient retention is improved through consistently responding to general requests in a uniform and timely way with automated marketing processes. We can also tell you who is viewing your website and how long they’re spending reading particular content which allows us to refine targeting for future marketing campaigns. We nurture your prospective patients with content that is ‘drip-fed’ consistently to encourage conversion and through automated marketing, can identify very small and specific patient and prospect groups.

3. We map out all your hospital’s common processes and schedule your messages accordingly which makes a significant contribution to your day-to-day operation. Automating the processes that are otherwise labor-intensive makes a measurable difference to your cost-efficiency.

4. The content and messages we schedule with your automated marketing system always represent value to your patients. Whether it’s a routine admin procedure such as confirming information for health insurance claims or a medical matter relating to a specific surgery, communicating the right message to the right patient at the right time is crucial and our automated marketing systems allow you to do that.

5. We use automated marketing to deliver personalized experiential content for a great user experience. We do this by displaying content dynamically based on the profile of your website’s visitors and tailoring your message to specific prospects to boost click-through rates and increase engagement. Dynamic content enhances your relationships with individual patients and prospects by customizing their user experience on your website.

We Deliver High-Quality Content via Marketing Automation That Best Reflects Your Hospital

We link individual patient or prospect records to an automated email system which allows us to provide the highest standard of content to specific patients undergoing treatment plans or surgeries in your hospital. We can even schedule individual emails based upon actions taken such as a patient booking an appointment via the internet. By delivering interesting, compelling and engaging content as well as all the routine notices and announcements through automated processes, we underpin and strengthen your hospital’s patient community, representing excellent marketing ROI.

The bottom line is that automated marketing is possibly one of the best methods of reaching your audience and showing them what your hospital is made of. We can help you discover what your patients want and then deliver the most appropriate and effective messages to them to develop more meaningful relationships. We also organize your valuable patient data to make it easier to act upon and consolidate your hospital’s communication to create marketing experiences as unique as each of your patients.

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