What Do We Deliver?

We deliver a superior UX to your website visitors by custom-designing a top quality user interface or UI that’s easy to navigate and operate and gets visitors to the information they need quickly and in interesting ways that spark interest and engagement.

UX/UI - In Your Element

Static web pages with no interactive elements or animated design are falling further and further away from Google’s radar as they offer no engagement and consequently no value-added user experience. We have a proven track record of achieving high rankings on search engine results pages or SERPs through developing user-focused healthcare websites with the latest techniques in experiential design.

How We Deliver a First Class User Experience with UX/UI Web Design

Now that society has firmly embraced internet technology, people have become more demanding when it comes to finding out the information they need. Whereas in the old days of dial-up, the wealth of information available online was still such a novelty that it was easier to be patient and wait to connect, let alone load a page on-screen!

However, we grew bored with that very quickly as technology bounded ahead and before long we became a generation with technology almost issued at birth in the form of an array of devices of all shapes and sizes.

Now we’re not prepared to wait for pages to load. We want answers and we want them immediately. Things like poor navigation, too many distracting buttons or ads, no opportunity for interaction or engagement, bad design and layout all lead to a bad user experience.

What’s more, people are generally just as judgmental online as they are in ‘real life’ and will definitely take a dim view of your hospital if they have a difficult time using your website. Even the look and feel will have an immediate impact on your traffic. It’s always worth bearing in mind that people make up their minds about whether to stay on a website or navigate away from it within 10 seconds.

UX/UI web design is a very broad field that encompasses all the interaction your website elicits including information hierarchy, typography, visual design, content structure and a whole lot more. How our UX design services can benefit your hospital is by establishing trust, competence, reliability and security for existing patients and the new ones you’ll attract with a better user experience.

How We Enhance Your Website’s User Experience

Although it’s obvious from your standpoint as a hospital, it’s important to make sure your website conveys that you understand your audience with a patient-centric approach. Bearing in mind that if information is not quickly and easily accessible, people will quickly go elsewhere, we design interesting ‘sticky’ content with lots of functionality and interaction to keep them on the page. Our content works to deliver a better user experience because it is specifically designed to make the whole process of navigating your website a breeze because we ensure visitors can see very quickly and clearly how they set about finding out what they need to know. In addition, by making it possible for your website’s traffic to easily complete certain actions like scheduling an appointment or procedure we not only enhance user experience but increase your chances of converted engaged visitors into new patients.

Our extensive experience in digital marketing in the healthcare sector means that you can be certain your website delivers the kind of user experience that Google favors along with your existing and future patients. We ensure that all web content – and any interactive bells and whistles therein – are completely ‘responsive’ which means it displays perfectly on any size screen. With around 62% of Americans using their smartphones to book an appointment in the last year, it’s essential that your hospital is on their radar if you want your profits to grow.

Make The Change

Our intuitive web design services significantly enhance your online presence. Your website is like a digital welcome mat for current and prospective patients and so your content needs to greet them and direct them to the information they need with fast-loading and easy to use functionality. Remember, there is no virtual equivalent of a waiting room and internet users just haven’t got the time. This is your first impression and you will be judged which is why our UX/UI design perfectly conveys your hospital’s ethos as well as its image.

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