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The nature of unbranded microsites makes them perfect for pure lead generation and great tools to attract new patients through your hospital door. When we prepare a microsite strategy for your hospital, we spread the focus across the entire range of your service provision and reach a wide audience of prospective patients to send your way. Microsites are also a mechanism that allows your hospital to appear less sales-driven in more visible places online such as your website or in your social connections.

Introduction To Microsite Design

What makes a microsite different from other branded platforms like blogs, newsletters and websites is that it has a completely independent URL that generally bears no relation to your hospital. The purpose of your microsite is not to promote and raise awareness of your hospital but to generate new patient signups from a broader catchment area.

We use microsites to highlight and feature certain conditions, procedures, and surgeries with relevant, custom content. Then we apply some amazing SEO techniques to send traffic to each microsite to kick-start it into lead generation. Each microsite has a very specific focus which is why we create several across all specialties for your hospital to get maximum reach and conversion. This is a great trickle-feed method of lead generation that increases with the number of microsites we create for you.

The Two Distinct Categories of Microsite Development


We can create a campaign-based microsite for you as an effective channel to educate on certain medical conditions and attract new patients who suffer from them. We focus content entirely on the condition with video, informative articles, patient testimonials and blog pieces and make it really well-rounded for the viewer.

The beauty of this type of microsite is that once it’s built and loaded with informative, current and relevant content, it almost looks after itself. Although we regularly update, add blogs, and refresh microsite content, the bulk of the hard work has been done and the microsite should continue to generate new leads on an ongoing basis.


These are microsites where we publish content on a consistent and regular basis for the foreseeable future. Crammed with original content alongside a smaller degree of curated or third party content, a media-based microsite really casts the net wide for your hospital in terms of SEO. The focus of microsite SEO is to attract visitors to relevant sites and encourage as many clicks as possible on the call-to-action button for data capture.

The kind of content we publish on your microsite can vary greatly but as long as it’s always in context with what your hospital has to offer, it will generate new patient leads. When you have a lot of content in one place, you also have a lot of keywords and phrases occurring organically that appeal to Google’s algorithms.

This type of microsite requires the specific skills we have to create and maintain successfully. It’s never easy to build what is essentially a content site that is always relevant and consistently appeals to a wide audience. One of the most popular aspects of our microsite design is that we have complete flexibility with your microsite to try different things which mean we can constantly test and assess the marketing ROI and report back to you.


Over the last few years, Google has updated its algorithm significantly to enhance its user experience (UX) and now websites are required to meet stringent criteria to be properly ‘seen’ by the search engine. The emphasis is not only on the relevance and quality of your website’s content but also on ease of navigation, which includes mobile responsiveness. The idea is that the highest ranked websites will be those giving the best answers to search queries. By hiring some of the best professionals in the business, you’ll ensure your website is as patient-friendly as your hospital is, while significantly improving the number of patients walking through your doors.

  • We focus content on specific messages at a time and target smaller segments of your audience.
  • Microsites have their own URL and standalone from your hospital website which means we can use them for pure lead generation to improve your admission stats.
  • You get measurable results with microsites because we provide regular analytics reports to you. We can show you how many visitors clicked on a call-to-action button or how long they spent reading particular parts of your microsite.
  • Microsites generate a higher conversion rate as they include more focused content. If a microsite deals entirely with diabetes, for example, your audience is likely to have a personal interest and so they will be more inclined to progress to the next step and schedule and appointment.

As the name suggests, our microsite design service gives you the opportunity to focus your marketing on highly-specific fields, specialties or conditions and reach a precision-targeted audience. We create microsites that are effective vehicles for wide-area marketing largely because they aren’t branded and as a result show no bias. However, they do ‘set the scene’ for prospects to make direct approaches to your hospital by conveying professionalism and quality of care although not necessarily in your brand’s ‘tone of voice.’

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