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White label websites definitely have their purpose, but they lack something when it comes to delivering a weighted message of trust and safety. But ultimately, it’s harder to position and establish your hospital in the sector if your visibility is limited by the presence of others and a lack of brand recognition.

Introduction To Branded Websites

It’s worth remembering that your website is a significant investment that should pay for itself. You may feel you’re making a saving by going with a bargain option, but the trouble is you lose a lot of the critical components that could make or break your online success when you hand over your website’s development to anyone whose less than an expert. That can limit the functionality and performance of your website and its effectiveness in attracting new patients.

A branded website not only gives you greater control over your marketing spend; you can also tweak the functionality or appearance at any time; post on your blog as and when you wish; create different calls to action for booking appointments or develop a system for requesting more information from doctors and a whole host of other tricks that will give you a website that is effective in boosting your profits along with your profile.

What are the Main Advantages of a Branded Websites?

1. A branded website is designed specifically for your hospital which means you have total control over its appearance, functionality and user experience.

2. You can set up systems in which patients can communicate with their doctors, receive instructional videos, aftercare advice, or anything else which will increase your quality of care. Modern technology assisting in medical care does not have to be limited to large, state of the art machines and new surgical techniques. It can begin with your patients’ experiences with your online presence.

3. You deal directly with your website’s traffic which means you can answer any questions or inquiries efficiently and in a way that best represents your hospital. As you know, responses to online queries have to be prompt in the healthcare sector and your initial interaction with an inquirer will have a direct bearing on whether they go on to become a patient.

4. A branded website can be as unique as you have creative control over it. That is invaluable in allowing you to create a compelling website that your patients and future patients find appealing. With more creative control you have the opportunity to compete effectively with the noise created by competitor’s websites. If you consider the lengths you go to in your hospital to customize as much as you can in your brick and mortar institutions, it seems silly to skimp when it comes to your online presence, especially when that’s where the most people will receive impressions of you.

5. Although white label websites can be invaluable from an SEO perspective, their lack of specific personality can make their marketing slightly bland, with no name or face. Branded websites allow your personality to come through, giving your website the weight of the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

6. A branded website not only allows you to create your own unique image but also provides you with the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy. With a visual brand and marketing identity, you can promote stronger patient recognition and loyalty and a private label website will deliver that.

7. Arguably the best aspect of having a branded website is that your hospital is completely identified with what you do. Rather than being cast as a generic hospital differentiated only by location, you’ll be identified on search engine results pages by your hospital itself, with its own bespoke look and feel.

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