Going Visual With Healthcare!

As healthcare is such a regulated industry, procedures and best practices are regularly changing. This provides another opportunity for using video as it’s the perfect medium to ensure your staff is on the same page with how duties are handled.

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are many purposes and benefits of having your videos professionally shot and produced and we have extensive experience in this area. Video is one of the most popular methods of finding out information on the internet and we can assist you in navigating the medium to improve your operation and boost your profits.

What Is the Objective of Video Marketing?

Video marketing in healthcare has a different purpose than for consumer markets in that it’s a medium used to educate and inform rather than promote and publicize. We can use video to introduce your hospital and its doctors and nurses through profiles and features on specific procedures rather than promoting a service or product.

Video is also great for case studies and patient testimonials so that current and prospective patients can find out more about something they may have to experience themselves. In our experience, videos that focus on explanations of procedures including information like why it’s considered necessary, what’s involved and more about the recovery timetable can go a long way to relieve patient anxiety.

According to research, 74% of internet traffic comes from video which is a compelling reason to include video in your digital marketing strategy. With professionally produced videos you have the increased potential to help patients and improve the medical care available to them which represents a significant marketing ROI.

We use video creatively to achieve specific goals for your hospital in a variety of ways:

Humanize your Hospital and Introduce your Staff

When patients are checking the healthcare options available to them, they benefit hugely from being able to see your doctors and nurses speaking about their experience, values, and practice. These types of videos also introduce your patients to doctors ahead of procedures so that they feel more comfortable and less anxious. First impressions are everything, particularly in healthcare and that’s why we create videos with a personal approach in order to garner long-lasting patient relationships for your hospital.

Give a Tour of Your Hospital

Your hospital building is just as important as the staff and patients in it and has a ‘personality’ of its own. We produce videos that showcase the best parts of your facility and make patients feel at ease in their relationship with your hospital. If you build a new treatment facility, we use video to tell your audience about it. If you decorate the children’s ward for the holidays, we can create a video to raise awareness. Your building is an asset in a video marketing sense as well as in real estate terms.

Think of your website the same way. Would you want someone who wasn’t a specialized architect working on the designs for your hospital’s structure? The same should go for your online efforts. A specialist who knows the health care industry inside and out is going to be your best option for a successful branded website design.

Medical Product or Device Reviews

As medical technology advances in leaps and bounds, there are more products and devices available to patients than ever before. We use video to showcase these products in ways that highlight their effectiveness, benefits and how easy they are to use. This has the additional SEO benefit of ‘piggybacking’ publicity of major product launches and industry announcements.

Staff Training and Information

We use video to bring your staff up to speed on the latest procedures you’re implementing in your hospital. Creating a video with this kind of information leaves you free to standardize operations and also improves lines of communication, ensuring full compliance with your hospital’s goals and standards.

Maximize your Exposure Online

Google has one objective – to provide its users with the most relevant and interesting results for search queries. This has elevated video to the big league in the marketing world, particularly as internet browsers respond better to visual stimulation and it’s now accepted that video is the best medium for SEO. Our high quality, informative videos get your hospital ranked prominently in search results, attracting more traffic to your website and patients through your doors.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Video marketing is so effective because your audience readily connects with the medium. We’re completely conditioned to seeing visual representations of the things we consume on a daily basis and so video works well in a medical context. When it comes to medical conditions and treatment programs, people want access to as much information as is possible. When that information is delivered with the human touch video affords, it can significantly boost your hospital’s profile.

However, video production is not something that you can take care of with your smartphone camera and it’s editing app. We ensure professional production services that ensure your hospital’s promotional and informative videos are created professionally for maximum engagement and reach. Our videos provide an inside view of your hospital to your online community that facilitates better connections with your current and future patients.

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