Content that Informs and Educates

Something that is becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare sector is producing a wellness magazine. This is a great vehicle to focus on prevention of illness and education on a wide range of health-related issues. We can either produce a hard copy of your magazine to give to in-patients or a digital version to send to a mailing list – or both. The main idea is to raise awareness of your hospital so that your name is at the forefront of peoples’ minds when it comes to healthcare in your area.

The Elements of a Good Content Strategy

Despite the fact the majority of hospitals are on board when it comes to appreciating the value of good content, many don’t document their efforts which make it difficult to see what content is hitting the spot and what isn’t. For us, one of the best aspects of digital marketing is its ultimate flexibility. Unlike the days of hard print, there’s no need to have finalized copy that is impossible to amend beyond a certain point in the process.

That allows us to be creative with the content we produce and gives us the flexibility to be proactive with our strategies for more effective content marketing. We generate all the different types of content a robust strategy requires like blogs, newsletters, social posts and video and we set a firm schedule for releasing those assets. Consistency is everything with content marketing and so if we set out to write a weekly blog or produce a bi-weekly newsletter, we stick rigidly to the schedule because ultimately, it speaks volumes for your hospital.

Current Content with ‘News Jacking’

From an SEO perspective, it never hurts to grab traction for your hospital’s website from the headlines of the day. News jacking is something that’s commonplace in business as it allows businesses to stay relevant within a professional context.

For example, if a new cure has been discovered or new drug testing kits are launched on the market we use the event to break the story while offering your hospital’s analysis or ‘take’ on the story. The way news jacking works are that you get people searching the internet for those stories and if your content has relevance, Google recognizes it and ranks it. Depending on the location of the search query, you’ll be ranked higher by the search engines if your hospital is near the searcher.

Content to Humanize your Hospital

The ability to connect on a human level with patients is crucial to the quality of care you deliver. Content can go a tremendous way to helping create a personality for your facility and your staff reis the heart and soul of it. We recommend featuring your nurses, doctors and other staff in the content we generate for you, introducing them to new and existing patients in interesting ways. Ultimately, we aim to convey that you’re simply ordinary people caring for other ordinary people and by giving your audience insights into the lives of your staff, you create an approachable persona that patients will find appealing.

The Persuasive Power of Video

The video is a great way to connect with your audience, particularly as the majority of people use smartphones rather than desktop devices. People want content that is readily available and easy to consume and because video fits the bill, it is becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare sector. We use video for a host of purposes like providing a focus on complex but routine surgeries to reduce patient anxiety; patient testimonials for a ‘feel-good’ factor or features on any developments at your facility your patients might be interested to know about.

Content that Answers Common Questions

You can save your patients time and energy by providing content that answers all the questions asked about routine procedures, surgeries, and treatments in your hospital. You know where your specialties are and what your patients are looking for and so this type of content can help position you in the healthcare sector as experts in your field.

We consult with you to find out the kind of questions you are repeatedly hearing and then generate content that provides answers without getting too technical or specific. We find that answering such questions in a digestible form for non-medical professionals results in them being asked in person with less frequency. It’s also a great way to get traffic to your website and potential new patients on board.

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