Know Content Types!

There are many different types of content like case studies, physician profiles, blogs, videos and newsletters that allow you to educate people and ultimately attract new patients.

Introduction To Content Generation

Now that we have completely embraced the internet and absorbed it into everyday life, more people are looking for reliable and trustworthy medical information online than ever before. As a result, your hospital has the perfect platform to deliver the kind of information that guides, directs, interests and influences your audience.

As skilled originators of content for the healthcare industry, we generate pieces that add value to your hospital’s marketing function in a variety of ways. We endeavor to steer clear of using complicated medical terminology in patient-focused content to humanize your hospital by writing in a personable, patient-oriented tone. We are also experienced navigators of the many channels and platforms from which content can be distributed for best ROI.

We Create Content that Generates Interest in Your Hospital

We believe that every piece of content we produce should have maximum value for our client and often, that is in the form of data capture. Knowing who your prospective patients are is essential to gaining new ones and that interest level can be gauged from audience engagement with content emanating from your hospital in the form of blogs, newsletters, videos and of course your website and social channels.

Content that delivers consistent and interesting communication such as a newsletter assists in creating a sense of community among your existing and future patients and this is the kind of engagement that makes people book appointments, as they’ll already feel they have a connection with you. The idea is to get people to actively subscribe or opt-in to the content we create for you and then to nurture your database of prospects with more compelling content moving forward.

We Think Creatively about your Digital Channels

These days there is a wide array of channels to deliver your content via and also a huge content marketing ecosystem that we know exactly how to harness. We have found through experience that visual content is always the most successful in terms of conversion and infographics or other visual representations of your message deliver great marketing ROI. Visual content allows us to convey your message clearly and concisely so that your audience connects with it immediately and more importantly, is encouraged to take further action.

As specialists in the healthcare sector, we recognize that not all of your content should be promotional. Although it’s tempting to use every opportunity to promote your hospital, there is an almost unspoken etiquette when it comes to content generation in healthcare. We write content that builds firm and long-lasting patient-hospital relationships and reaches a wider audience of prospective admissions. The important thing to bear in mind is that content generation is a process that’s not dissimilar SEO or to a doctor building trust with a patient. It is not a faucet for instant lead generation like other techniques such as PPC. Though our strategies are extremely effective over the course of a few months, they won’t yield results overnight.

Specialist Content Generation Creates the Right Impression for Your Hospital

Your content is a valuable asset to your hospital, principally because it serves so many important marketing functions. It is also a direct reflection of your hospital to the outside world that is beyond your physical control. When you appoint us to generate your content, we deliver material that adds direct value to your operation with a measurable ROI.

Content marketing is promotion in its organic form and requires a strong strategy to reap results. When combined with proper SEO strategies, it’s nigh unstoppable. We provide you with analytics reports so you can see how the organic content we generate for you is working while engendering trust and more importantly, garnering new business. We also recommend regular requests for feedback from your audience to allow us to communicate directly, with questions about the kind of topics they would like to see more of or the things they’ve found particularly useful.

By keeping up with your audience, we can consistently produce the kind of content that produces the best ROI. It also goes a long way to cementing and growing your patient community which will ultimately result in more admissions. Eliciting engagement with the content we write also creates a demand for your medical knowledge that can significantly elevate your kudos in the healthcare sector, not to mention your profits.

It is no longer possible to assign one member of staff to produce content for your marketing endeavors if you want to be profitable. Our content generation services offer a cost-effective solution that’s a sound alternative to expanding your marketing department with expensive hires. With so many channels available to spread the word about the services you offer, we ensure full coverage with value-added content that is unique, relevant and compelling for maximum marketing ROI.

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