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As an indication of the power of the internet in the healthcare sector, there are currently over 40,000 health-related apps on the market offering patients tools allowing them to take charge of healthcare decisions. These apps also provide interactive content like calorie counters, glucometers, and blood pressure monitors. The abundance of apps also contributes to the significant volume of healthcare-related information available to the consumer market, making it difficult for your hospital to achieve the visibility required to generate new patient business.

Professional Content Generation Gives your Hospital the Edge

As experienced professionals in digital marketing in the healthcare sector, this shift of patient behavior to a more consumerist focus represents a significant opportunity for us to create the kind of content for your hospital that directly impacts a Google search and the thousands of health-related websites and apps readily available today.

Here we take a look at some of our creative approaches with content that will establish your hospital as a front-runner in the field of medicine and ultimately drive more new patients through your doors.

Creating a Portal Website

We can redesign your website as a health hub to transform it to a mine of information for all things health-related, with news and advice, informative videos, physician blogs, Q&As and live chat facility. This will increase your traffic considerably just by populating your website with great information on a wide range of conditions and treatment plans. We always ensure your content is fully edited and approved by your team, to give it extra authority and ensure the site is easy to navigate for a good user experience.

Video Production

Video is a great medium for providing more detailed information and a richer perspective on particular conditions. You can use this as a way to spotlight complex but routine surgeries and provide education for existing and prospective patients to build a more engaged community. A video series can go a long way to establishing your hospital as a leader in your particular field of specialty and also eases patient anxiety by providing easy-to-understand explanations.

How Do We Know What to Write About?

The most unique and important asset your hospital has is your staff and creating content that tells your facility’s story also presents your human face to your audience. We can profile your doctors and nurses and other caregivers in a blog or on your website and also use a regular newsletter as another medium to connect with future and existing patients.

We also recommend turning the spotlight on individual staff members on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to share their story of how they came to join your hospital and what have been the highlights while working there. We always try and include photos of featured staff members which helps your audience identify and connect with your story.

We also use content to convey your opinion on industry news and trends that affect the healthcare sector. When we create longer pieces of content we also repurpose it for other marketing functions by posting snippets or infographics from long reports on social media. That makes the more industry-related content we create for you palatable to a wider audience and can generate better traction and reach.

Visual content is always well-received, hence the rise of infographics. We create compelling content by showing complex statistics and knowledge in a series of easily identifiable diagrams, symbols, and icons. In fact, it’s a more accepted way of communicating stats in these days where emojis are almost more prevalent than text. We carefully consider each infographic topic and gather data related to it and then get creative to visualize your information.

We make you stand out on Social Media!

If you haven’t already done so, we’ll create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your hospital and start collecting ‘likes’ on your behalf. This serves a primary function of enhancing patient relations but also allows you another platform to host the unique health content we create for you. Facebook and Twitter are also great platforms for word-of-mouth marketing and serves as social validation for prospective patients looking for a hospital and like-minded people to connect with, particularly if they’re new to your area.


Consistently creating compelling content has enormous value as it strengthens relationships with current patients, reaches a wide audience of potential new patients and improves patient retention. Great content shared on social networks shows you have an excellent bedside manner and are proactive with your patients and also sets you up as the healthcare go-to at a local level.

Our content strategies are effective in raising awareness of your hospital in an environment that’s heavily overcrowded with often inaccurate information. By creating the right kind of content that positively reflects your facility to a wide audience, we can cut through the noise and drive more patients through your doors.

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